Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shop Kohls x Catherine Malandrino Now

Happenings on this website is a little sparse at the moment: my photographer is off galavanting Down Under and my new job has me snowed under. 

I do however have a few moments to provide you with a quick PSA - the Kohl's x Catherine Malandrino shop is open for business!

I hadn't shopped at Kohl's previously but as soon as I saw Olivia Palermo in the dress below, I knew it was time to pop my Kohl's-cherry:

I am a big  fan of Ms. Palermo's style and I only hope the detailing is as exquisite in real life as it appears in pictures.

Get yours here

Also use JUST4YOU for 20% off. (You're welcome!)


I promise to write more when things calm down a little - until then, come see me on Instagram!


  1. I love the black and white! Let us know how it works out...the graphic prints look great.

  2. I want that dress!! It is so cute that it makes me want to break my no shop project. I might have to send this link to my Grandma and ask for it for Christmas!!