Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday at Prospect Park

All plans for a Sunday at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens were thwarted by unexpectedly large crowds. No sakura is worth lining up for hours so we wandered into Prospect Park across the street. While cherry blossom trees there were set few and far between, there were enough spring blooms to keep me happy:  

Anthropologie Karen Walker dress, Stormy Seas necklace (Anthro's released a new version here) and wedges (glitter added to heel ala this), Miu Miu sunglasses (or here for 25% off FF till tonight), Witchery Australia resin cuff (sim), pearl bracelet (identical)

We then walked through Grand Army Plaza to my favourite pizza place in the neighbourhood, Franny's

A misplaced smile since that glass is very much empty!

Good thing we made the most of the sunshine this weekend since there isn't a warm day in sight for a little while again, sigh.. Have a great week ahead regardless!


  1. I love the shoes! :)

    x Milsters


  2. What a gorgeous day! We wandered through Central Park on Saturday, but holed up yesterday to get work done (ugh). Wishing we had said "screw it" to work and spent yesterday outside too :(

  3. You look ridiculously fierce in that dress!

  4. What a fun dress for spring! You look pretty under the cherry blossoms :)

  5. You look like such a doll in this dress, I die!! Your weekend looks spectacular and so happy to see that you took full advantage of the great weather. This week so far has turned out to be such a gloomy one...ready for the sun!

  6. I'm LOVING this look!!! You really know how to work an outfit! Next time I'm in the city, we need to meet up for wine and fashion talk. : )

  7. Gorgeous blog. I've got a trip to Brooklyn coming up so I'll keep this in mind.