Sunday, March 3, 2013

White and Pollock

I am writing this post in a rather zombie-like state having just had my arse kicked at Soul Cycle a few hours ago. While it took me the entire class to work out the jargon (tap what?), I thoroughly enjoyed it - as much as one can enjoy working out I guess. 

It is more than likely I burned off all the calories from last night's date night - which took us to Cobble Hill in Brooklyn. We had to wait for our table at La Vara, so we popped into Clover Club for an aperitif. Except that I lost all sense of what an aperitif should be and went for the hard stuff right up - the Gin Blossom. As one can expect, having a spirit-forward drink on an empty stomach meant I was VERY HAPPY by the time our table was ready. 

Alcohol-related lack of objectivity aside, dinner at La Vara was great! (side note: I am a huge fan of it's sister restaurant, Txikito which serves Basque tapas which are a personal favourite since my travels to the region last Autumn). We practically inhaled the honeyed crispy eggplant with cheese and the  Spanish migas (both pictured below); as well as a heap of off-the-menu specials that due to said "aperitif" earlier,  what they were precisely I can not for the life of me remember!   
This week, I wore a Zara dress I've had for a couple of years and paired it with my only purchase from the Prabal Gurung x Target release recently:
Zara dress (sim), Brook&Lyn necklace, Spanx tight-end reversible tights
Prabal Gurung x Target Nolita pumps

I usually don't buy plastic shoes but these were SO FUN and remind me a lot of the now-unavailable Christian Louboutin Pollock pumps (seen on Irina here). I was pleasantly surprised that they don't butcher my feet that much so I highly recommend if they work for you. 

Otherwise, have a lovely rest of the weekend! I ticked off #2 off the March Social Calendar before Soul Cycle so I look forward to continuing to veg my Sunday away!  


  1. I'm loving all of these white dresses you've been wearing lately! It's a shame that this dress is one from the archives but I'm sure Zara will have it's fair share of cute white dresses this spring. I'm beyond excited for Zara online shopping to finally be available in Canada. Great shoes too, I almost prefer the plastic version to the Louboutin ones. I'm glad they don't hurt your feet!

  2. I love that dress! Too bad it's not available. ;)