Friday, March 1, 2013

NYC Social - March 2013

March is meant to herald the first signs of Spring. Alas Mother Nature hasn't quite got the daylight savings memo - so keep your coat on still and check out what is taking place in NYC this month.

1. Ballet Flamenco: March 6 - 9

Travelling from Sevilla, this renowned repertory company is in New York for a short 4-day performance schedule at the New York City Center. The dramatic performance is entitled "Metafora" - dance being the metophor of life, and will feature 19 dancers and musicians with castanets, fans and my favourite - sweeping skirts of traditonal flamenco dresses.

2. Matisse at the Met: Through March 17

The French artist's exhibition graces the Metropolitan Museum of Art for another couple of weeks. Titled "In Search of True Painting" the 49-painting exhibit portrays Matisse's penchant to creating art in series, building on one while creating another - just like the pair of paintings above which show the same Gulf of Saint Tropez, painted in different styles and colours (or like they say in Thailand: same-same but different!) I think it's very smart of the museum to take advantage of the groupings by displaying his paintings in multiple galleries. In any case, while you are at the Met, check out the exhibit on "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity" too.

3. St Patrick's Day: March 16-17
I love the Irish and I love St Patrick's Day! The only thing I don't care for is the ugliness that seems to result from revelers unable to stay sober. I say skip the pub and instead celebrate by heading out to watch the annual Parade taking place on the 16th. This year, the Parade begins on 44th street marching up Fifth Avenue and ending at the Met. Apparently the NYC Parade is older than the United States - a group of Irish patriots from the British Army first marched in 1762. So wear your best green and stake your spot early - it is the largest St Patrick's Day Parade in the world after all! Then once the parade is over, enjoy your Guinness in the comfort of your own home.

4. Ann: starts March 7
Broadway is churning out some amazing shows this year and here comes another one. After earlier performances in Texas, Chicago and Washington, this play on the legendary former Texan governor Ann Richards comes to New York. Acclaimed Emmy-winning actress, Holland Taylor wrote the play on the late Democrat over the course of four years - pouring over piles of personal and public transcripts, and countless hours of video footage; as well as interviewing family, friends and colleagues. Ms Richards was one helluva firecracker and a great champion to minorities. This is one show I can't wait to watch. 

Here's to the month of hot cross buns - may we finally get some sunshine soon! 

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