Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's the last week of March and I can not wait for it to be over. Regardless of the endless amount of joy this month has brought me: eating out plenty with kindred spirits, overseas friends visiting and sending out our save-the-cards amongst others;  a new project at work is well and truly kicking my arse and tipping my work-life balance in the wrong direction. 

I intend to show you guys the save-the-dates but a fair few are still in transit. Until then, here's a recap of my weekend. 

My lovely friend, C flew in from Sydney late last week. Intending to provide her with a quintessential New York experience, I scored last minute reservations to Babbo. Nothing makes me happier than carbs, wine and great company at the end of a tough work week and Babbo really hit the spot. If you ever visit, try the black spaghetti - I could eat that dish every week. 
When antipodean guests are in town, my M.O. is to take them to places serving dishes not that easy to come by in the motherland. So, Saturday dinner saw us at Hecho en Dumbo since Aussies need to know there is more to Mexican than oversized burritos. (There is some irony in whether NYC Mexican is really any good but until I make a trip out West, HeD is my go-to). We then crossed Bowery to a new bar, Wise Men, a place so tiny everyone was standing on top of each other blergh. Wanting to salvage the night, we popped into Madam Geneva for solid gin cocktails and even solid old school R&B. With so much Mary J and 112, I am thrilled to have finally found my go-to dance spot. 

C came with only one restaurant on her to-eat list: Red Rooster Harlem. We had grand plans to wait it out for the gospel brunch early on Sunday, but we lucked out with another last-minute table for dinner. Reservation trumped gospel this time since a lie-in was much needed from the night before (#gettingold).

I love this place - the food is top-notch and there is always something taking place in the dining room every night of the week. Regardless, we had quite the chuckle walking in since this is the Aussie version of Red Rooster:
Anyway, here is Friday's date night outfit: 
Made out of the same fabric as her iconic wraps, this dress is a fun weekend alternative. But as much as I would like to say it's forgiving, it didn't quite the flatter the food baby I fostered after all that pasta on Friday.
DVF Reina dress in Gingko Small (similar here - buy it next week during F&F; here and here), Forever 21 necklace, Prada booties, tired eyes courtesy of work

Before I go, the winner of the giveaway last week is Sarah! The top is on the way! 


  1. I am sooo jealous! Every since I read Marcus Sammuelson's book I've wanted to go to Red Rooster Harlem.

  2. Woohoo! And the next time I am in NY, you name the fantastic place I need to take you out to. Seriously, you should publish restaurant reviews!