Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ballerinas, Gingham and Dots

Yesterday, Hitha and I caught the Henry Leutwyler exhibit at the Foley Gallery in the Lower East Side

Leutwyler was the portrait photographer of the New York City Ballet for a few years - his photos are what graces the brochures of the NYCB. He was recently allowed an all-access pass to the company - resulting in these exquisite behind-the-scene images. 
The exhibit was teeny-tiny (some 20 images) but whatever few photos struck a chord with the dancer in me - the grueling rehearsals, the anxiety before going on stage, the pretty hair and costumes.. 

Nearly 300 of these are set out his tome, Ballet - a beautiful book every dance-lover should own and which I am excited to add to my bookcase. 

Until it arrives, I am going to flip through this beautiful Vanity Fair slideshow repeatedly.

Padini (Malaysia) gingham blouse (sim), AG Stevie polka dot denim (sim and sim), J Crew Shearling Macalister wedge boots (on sale!) with Cole Haan laces, Dinosaur Designs necklace, day-old Dry Bar blowout

(tip - the women's laces are not long enough for the Macalister so get the longer men's laces instead)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your hair looks fab, I really must try a blow dry bar, it looks like they do a dynamite job. Ballerinas are so beautiful! I love the photo with the feet, it shows just how much hard work it takes to be a dancer.

  2. When I was a little girl, I used to love walking through NYC and spotting all of the ballerinas. They always looked so cool to me in their jeans and leg warmers (it was the 80s, I'm old) :)
    Love those boots and polka dots!

  3. Such a fun afternoon - can't wait to go to a NYCB performance with you!

  4. Ooooh look how pretty you are!!! Loving the polka dot jeans! You've inspired me to pick up a pair myself. : ) Thank you!! Bon weekend to you from Paris!

  5. These photos are haunting me. My eyes got wider and wider... and I love your boots and pink lace!

  6. Thank you - the pink really pops against the tan - I wish I could wear them everyday!

  7. You have a fantastic blog! I'm just gobbling page after page xxxx