Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favourite

Topshop released it's new collaboration with J.W. Anderson today. After the crraazzzyyyy shopping I did in Europe, I only have a budget for one item in this release:
Bat Hand Knit Sweater

While the collection is frankly non-cohesive and comprises a random mishmash of beach items to kitschy animal prints, there are a few standouts. I particularly like the long pleated skirt and (ghastly name aside) the french maid dress. Will you be picking up anything from this collection?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I am off to Philadelphia tomorrow, first for a dance performance and then to spend the rest of the weekend with Sonia. Can't wait!


  1. Are you watching the dance or actually performing? :p


    1. Performing, my darling Beef! Glad you started blogging again!!