Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Weekend in Charleston

Late last month on a whim, S and I took advantage of cheap flights and flew down to Charleston for the weekend. It was our first trip to the South and it was just as I imagined:  palmettos, churches, humidity, biscuits, alligators, torrential rain, magnolias, piazzas, and that wonderful Southern hospitality. 

Our M.O. in any new city is to check out the free walking tour offerings. Here, we went on the historic district tour and the architecture tour - both gave us a colourful introduction to the well-preserved heart of Charleston. We also spent an afternoon at the very pretty Magnolia Plantation, where we sighted many of the aforementioned alligators (and peacocks, so many peacocks!). 

Like most weekend trips, our visit didn't feel long enough. I could have spent many days wandering the charming town. Each house was envy-inducing - from the ironwork gates to the lush gardens and piazzas (Charleston talk for verandahs). Even the hot, sticky air was comforting. 

Charleston is also doing excellent things on the restaurant front, and can frankly give NYC a run for her money. A list of where we wined and dined is at the end of the post if you are interested. But first, a few photos: 
Double piazzas AND palmettos

Joggling Board - the Southern debutante's exercise of choice. Bouncing on this is harder than it looks!
Rainbow Row
Bollards where boats were tethered to once upon a time ago

Chalmers Street cobblestones
Philip Simmons most famous ironwork

J Crew Eyelet Dress

I see you there, buddy!
J Crew Eyelet Dress

What I wore: 

(1) COS low-back dress and bra, Steve Madden glitter sandals (old), Dinosaur Designs cuff, Giles and Brother tusk necklaceMansur Gavriel bucket bag in cammelo antico, and Preen by Thornton Bergazzi cateye sunglasses 

(2) J Crew collection eyelet dress, and Kenneth Cole tan wedges (very old)

Where we ate/drank:

  • The Mackintosh - 179B King Street (I still dream of the seasonal vege plate)
  • Fig - 232 Meeting Street (forget reservations in the dining room, eat at the lively bar instead)
  • The Ordinary - 544 King Street (the Friday lobster prix-fixe is fantastic. The panna cotta is one of the best I've had)
  • Husk - 76 Queen Street (dining on the balcony trumps eating inside)
  • Proof - 437 King Street (unassuming bar with excellent cocktail list. Get the boiled peanuts too)
  • Bin 152 - 152 King Street (cosy wine/cheese bar)
  • Closed for Business - 453 King Street (casual bar with extensive beer menu)
  • Callie's Hot Little Biscuits - 4761/2 King Street (don't miss the black pepper bacon)
  • Jeni's Ice Creams - 501 King Street (love the brown butter almond brittle)


  1. FUN!! I hear wonderful things about Charleston, and I think I really need to book a trip. I need to save trips down south for the winter so I can have something to look forward to. I mean, besides things like biscuits and black pepper bacon:). You look super cute, btw.

  2. I love you in this JCrew eyelet dress and cat eye sunglasses - very Jackie O!
    Charleston looks so charming and I would love to dine at the Ordinary and feast on some lobster :)

  3. What a cute city! I had no idea that Charleston had so many historic gems :) Thanks for sharing!