Thursday, July 3, 2014

Old Is New Is Perfect (Red), White and Blue

Happy Independence Day weekend! 

It has once again been a few weeks since I updated the blog. While I enjoy blogging and I have a backlog of photos to put here, I've been making a conscious effort to stay away from the computer when I'm not at work, instead spending more time with loved ones, and living the very moments that, ironically, make good blog fodder.  

This website's purpose is first and foremost a "diary" of my adventures. To that aim I am in no way calling it a day. I still look back at posts of days past and reminisce over pictures of places I've been to, dishes I've ate and pretty things I've worn. To be perfectly honest, my memory can only retain so many experiences. So in the name of balancing the living of life and the conscientious jotting down of memories, let's aim for a once-a-week posting schedule shall we? 

On with the program. I have put on the outfit in this post an embarrassing number of times since warm weather graced the city. I've worn it shopping (slips on/off easily), to brunch (roomy in the tummy region), and for general wandering around (the interesting ruffled sleeves have been conversation-starters on more than one occasion). In addition if you recall, it's the foolproof piece to bring on travels. Most importantly since 'tis the season, all-too-perfect to wear this 4th of July. 

These pictures were taken on a sunny Saturday in June when I popped into the L'oreal company store with a girlfriend that works there. For the benefit of employees and their guests, the company store sells everything at half off. I thought I had died and gone to beauty-product heaven. Off to the side away from camera view, is the massive shopping bag of Essie nail polish (all over Roarrrange this week), La Roche Posay sunscreen (religiously using this daily), the gentlest foaming cleanser from Lancome that smells so lovely, the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette which contains the perfect shades for work, and my favourite exfoliator of all time from Kiehls, even if it's marketed to men. That afternoon I became that person who will gently set aside her desire to use more natural/organic items for half-price skincare containing ingredients she can't pronounce. 

Karen Walker for Anthropologie Dolly Chambray Dress, Dinosaur Designs resin necklace, Prada Baroque sunglasses and satin bow thong sandals (also one of two pairs of shoes I wore for wedding festivities), Mansur Gavriel bucket bag (pre-order available here and here)

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