Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Issues Than Vogue

I succumbed to the cronut craze on Saturday. 

Each month Dominique Ansel switches up the flavour and the lure of August's coconut was unbearable. Yeah there was a wait but an easy one (albeit a couple of hours long) - I sat down the entire time, poured over September issues and talked to my fellow cronut fanatics I was in line with. Next thing I knew, it was time to shake hands with Mr. Ansel himself waiting at the door and get myself the two cronuts each person was allowed to buy.

Was it worth it? ABSOFKINLUTELY

Would I do it again? Depends on the flavour I suppose (rose! rose!). Though I am probably getting S to wait in line then - he slept in on Saturday and only got out of bed as I walked in the door with the goods. Nomination for amazing "wife" award perhaps?

Anyway, the rest of the day was as fun as the morning. - visiting a friend with a patio garden for lots of outdoor drinking and many rounds of Cards Against Humanity (BEST. GAME. EVER); an evening birthday party at a beautiful Soho penthouse rooftop; and catching the latest Bollywood blockbuster at a midnight cinema screening.  

More Issues Than Vogue t-shirt, that infamous Zara skortForever 21 diamante necklace, Zara sandals 

Zara white skort

Sugar high, prosecco high, laughter high, happy high = my perfect Saturday. Hope yours was as fabulous too!


  1. I've heard tons about the "cronut" but my BF is absolutely adverse to having to wait in long lines for anything. I may have to do the cronut run on my own next time I'm in NYC - then eat both myself!

    1. I will come wait with you Lisa! Did you know DA now has a new thing on the block called the Magic Souffle?? *faints*

  2. I need that t-shirt in my life. And I wouldn't mind a cronut either :)

    1. Girlfriend you need to get over here stat - we can eat and shop to our heart's content

  3. WOW! I second Sara Louise - I need that t-shirt in my life as well!! I was thinking of buying Pozzetto's Love Me I'm Famous shirt today... I think I might go back and just do that. Inspired by you!!

    Hope you had a lovely summer, chica. Catching up on your blog this afternoon and loving it.

    xx Milsters


    1. I missed you so much M and am so glad you are back in action.

      You buy that Pozzetto tee and I will wear mine when we meet to paint the town red