Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day weekend!

We are off to the nation's capital tomorrow morning so date night tonight involves the "fun-filled" activities of laundry and packing for our weekend getaway.

It's the fiancé's first visit while I haven't been back since I last (and initially) did back in 2009. Even though we've both been busy of late, it won't be an "Usha" trip without a decent amount of planning. Here are what's on the cards:

GAWK: We will be making the rounds to the usual suspects. I loved the Capitol on my last visit and have booked us tickets for the guided tour again. I am also really looking forward to this sunset walking tour of the Mall. Otherwise, we hope to catch glimpses of the Rolling Thunder Rally on Sunday, and the National Memorial Day Parade on Monday. 

CHOW: Rasika - I would have never thought of an Indian restaurant as a city's best but our trusted friends and food critics have convinced us otherwise - instructing us not to leave until we've tried their palak chaat! Besides that, we are playing all other meals by ear (though it's probably a crime not to eat at any of José Andrés' places at some point, no?) 

SNOOZE: Hotel-hopping is the name of the game - first, a night at the St. Regis and then moving on to the Willard. If it sounds like we're splurging, it's because we in fact are. King-sized beds with a gazillion pillows, here we come!

ADORN: The fickle weather in NYC is really throwing me a loop but I thank sweet baby Krishna for the sunshine that awaits us in DC. I have packed my favourite J Crew pants, this Karen Walker dress and a couple of old but trusty DVF spring pieces that I have been waiting months to wear again. 

If you have any other tips for the weekend, please do let me know. And do follow me on Instagram - I hope to be updating throughout!


  1. Have fun!! I shall be haunting instagram for some dotty and DVF pics! We had our holiday weekend last week, and now I can't bear the idea of a weekend being only 2 days...torture!

    1. The best thing about a long weekend is the short week following! Hope you enjoyed that at least!!

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing weekend!!!

    1. We sure did Wendy - I hope to post pictures soon!