Saturday, July 6, 2013

Anniversary Date Night

[Note: this post was originally published in April 2013. A glitch with blogger has resulted in this article unintentionally posting in July] 

Thank you so much for the lovely wishes on our anniversary!

We splurged on an intimate dinner at Ichimura at Brushstroke. It was an amazing experience - which Pete Wells, the current NYT food critic, describes more eloquently that I would ever be able to in his review here

It's funny that it was only a few months back that we shunned any thought of having an entire meal of near-raw fish. It all changed on our trip to Japan last November when we dined at Daiwa Sushi in Tsukiji Market (home of the famous tuna auctions). The chefs at that countertop restaurant spoke limited English, while we spoke limited Japanese. Not wanting to come across rude, we ate everything placed in front of us - initially with apprehension, but later on with gusto. Everything was so tasty and very fresh - rightfully so since they were quite likely swimming in the ocean not long ago - but interestingly and most importantly, smelled nothing like the sea (the underlying source of my initial apprehension against seafood of the non-fried/curried variety) 

We returned to New York with a sushi enthusiasm like none other - with a caveat though - I don't think I will ever be able to stomach $1 rolls. 

Anyway I wore the Dromedary Dress from Anthropologie, which was so lovely to wear on the first warm night we've had in months - especially since I refrain from wearing silk with tights having never found the solution to static cling!

I wasn't completely tardy on the outfit picture front last week. I wore the following for Friday date night at Carbone. April showers that day brought with it a cold front so the boots went on for one last time this season (I packed them away this weekend yay!) 
Zara tulip dress, Anthropologie Star Sprinkled Cardigan and Brass-Heeled Boots, old tights,  Marc Jacobs wishbone necklace

Oh and Carbone? I really liked it, especially the tiramisu (see it on my instagram here) - but I am not a fan of $30 pastas even if they were delicious! 


  1. Yay pastels! And I agree about the sushi cravings- I am no connoisseur, but when you want it, oh, there is no substitute!
    The dromedary dress is a favourite design- I don't have it but I do have the fire ant maxi-soon-to-be midi... Too bad my next trip to ny is in September- we could have taken them out to dinner...

    1. Um we are SO wearing them out to dinner you and I!
      I am thrilled you will be in the neighbourhood - let's talk and make lots of lovely plans xx

  2. I don't go for sushi that much in Toronto either, because it just doesn't compare to Vancouver...which I'm sure doesn't compare to Japan either. Love the pink and the green, and hooray for packing the boots away...I'm still hanging on, it's not over here yet.

    1. There are great sushi places around - I am just being really snobbish by going to nicer ones you know.. I am sure my craving will hit a high point and I will have no choice but to eat whatever I can find!

      Tell me you've put away the winter wear by now

  3. The tulip dress is lovely for spring :)

  4. Hi there pretty lady!

    I had a similar experience when I came back from Japan as well. I had a craving for only quality sushi and onigiri, which is what I lived on in Japan. Check out the Japanese supermarket on Broome Street, they've got tons of goodies at reasonable prices.

    Happy belated anniversary!

    1. That's a great tip Lisa! Will check it out soon.

      And thank you for the wishes!