Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marimekko and Penelope's

Earlier today darling S and I brunched at Penelope's - a lovely, homely little spot we had yet to visit despite the fact it's location being a short walk from the apartment.

Anticipating the long wait we most certainly had to endure, running errands in the flatiron/union square area sounded like a fab plan. Plans change, naturally .. especially when one walks past the new Marimekko store a mere 5 MINUTES after it opens its doors for the very first time.

These are the only two pictures I managed to take of the colourful interiors before being politely asked to put away the (iphone) camera. 

The first items you notice as you walk into this very vibrant and fun store are the beautifully hung clothing. I tried on a few items to satisfy my curiousity on fit and quality. Of the latter, everything appeared very well-made, even if only the fabric is made in Finland with the rest of the garment constructed elsewhere. 

I tried on the Arlene dress in a size 36. It's a very cute dress and is great for work due to the conservative colours and design.

I would size down to a 34 due to the generous cut (a trait consistent with the other pieces I tried on). Notice extra fabric everywhere even after cinching the waist with the belt of the same fabric. 

This paperbag-waisted skirt is fabulous - I can't find it on the website but it's of the same fabric as the Arlene dress above. The exaggerated peplum is unintentionally on-trend and it took a lot of effort not to walk out the store with it.

I have on the skirt in a size 34. Although the waist fit right, I will need to take rest of the skirt in a little so that the bottom layer becomes pencil-skirt like.
How I would like the skirt to actually look like
Goodness I love you, won't you say you love me too?

Then I tried on these high-waisted flares for fun.

They look rather normal standing still - well, as normal as black, white and red high-waisted FLARES can look like. I will consider this for my wardrobe as soon as corporate America deems this work-wear appropriate ...

Now to what I actually wore:

Tucker blouse and AG Stevie Cords

Kenneth Cole wedges

Best accessory = freshly painted toenails in fuchsia 

Now please excuse me while I spend my Saturday evening pouring over all things Marimekko.


  1. Hi Usha,

    Now that I have met you I can imagine exactly how you would sound if you were to narrate your post.

    You most certainly do need that skirt in your life. But the pants. Very much like a costume. Maybe with the right top. Yellow with a Red Bolero Jacket. No a Black Bolero Jacket. Not to worry, I know you can put a fantastic spin on the outfit.

    It was wonderful to meet you in New York.

  2. Hi Laura - I know exactly what you mean re: meeting fellow bloggers. It's nice to put a voice (and sometimes, face) to the writing.

    Haha I have NO intention whatsoever of getting the pants :) Even if I ran away to the circus, I don't think palazzo pants would suit the trapeze.. maybe knife-throwing?

    Come back to NYC soon - there is so much more to see that you would love!

  3. That skirt is AMAZING! And the pants! So pretty.

  4. I love all the Marimekko on you! That skirt is my favorite piece. I hope you can make it yours!

    Your outfit is great too. You are one gorgeous gal!

  5. Talk to me about Penelope - how was brunch? What did you get? It's literally a block from my work so I've been for lunch, but we have never returned on a weekend. Also, did you see Terroir Murray Hill just opened?

    I think we need to pop by Diptyque after Empellon, for sure!

  6. Vanessa - Thank you!! I hope Sweden has welcomed you back with open arms. 5 weeks will fly and you will be back in this crazy city in no time :)

    Jess - seriously Marimekko is such a fun store! I am going back later this week to say hi to the skirt again..

    Kate - I KNEW I forgot about something in this post! Penelope's was really good - but the wait - sigh, I didn't mind it this time since we had errands to run in between but I really doubt I'd do it again so soon. If I did though, I'd re-order the Penny Eggs Sandwich in a heartbeat and would skip the Nutella French Toast (easily replicable at home).
    I saw the news re Terroir as well - the next catch up after Empellon? oh and breaking: EMP = 3 STARS!!!
    Hooray to the jaunt to Diptyque!