Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indian Summer

Apart from the glorious weather, one of the things we celebrated last weekend was my first wedding in New York, when S' nephew got married at a beautiful reception centre in Long Island. 

The saree-tying took slightly longer than I expected which resulted in a mad dash the block down 34th street to catch the train to Mineola. Oh the stares we got ..

I love weddings - any reason to dress up in a saree really. Otherwise these beautiful outfits end up relegated to the suitcase stored underneath the bed. 

Tasar silk saree, vintage bag

Not that obvious but I had curls put in earlier that day at Saks

No Indian wedding is complete without plenty of food, drink and lots and lots of dancing! 

The bride in green with a smile that lit up the room

If you were keen, here is an pretty good video of how a saree is usually draped (bonus: it's made in Malaysia)!

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend too! 


  1. You look so beautiful in your saree! And everyone looks like they had a fun and happy evening, celebrating!

  2. Oh, jealous. I love weddings, but so far this year I've got none in the pipeline. So sad! Your saree is beautiful... Well worth the time it took to get on!

  3. Your saree is beautiful! Indian weddings look like SO much fun! I have no weddings in the pipeline either - most everyone I know is in the baby-having phase now.

  4. You look gorgeous! This weeding looks like it was a blast...

  5. It's actually really funny how everyone RUSHES on to the dance floor as soon as it's dancing time!

    I actually have been invited to a number of weddings this year - pity 99% of them are overseas. I have a feeling this is it for 2011.

    Thank you for the saree compliments too - if you ever need one for any reason, you know who to call..