Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fun in the Windy City

Darling S and I flew to Chicago for Labor Day weekend.

Just like most trips we take, this one was filled with great food and drink. But being first-time visitors, we dutifully spent time at various tourist spots - Millenium Park including taking silly pictures at The Bean, walking the stretch that is the Magnificient Mile and hanging out with thousands(!) of others at Navy Pier.  

My favourite bits: the sunset walk along the lake shore, cocktails at the Aviary (this one deserves its own post) and the architecture cruise along the Chicago river.

Day 1 outfit:

 LillY Pulitzer blossom dress, Anthropologie sandals, J Crew necklace, Hermes Clic bracelet, Michael Kors watch, Marni sunnies

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress

Here's what I wore, i.e. day 2 outfit:

 Lilly Pulitzer Lela Shift Dress, tweed navy jacket from Seoul, J Crew necklace, Marni sunglasses and Anthropologie sandals

Day 3 outfit:
 Holding on for dear life: Anthropologie D'armee dress, sandals, necklace and Desert Spring scarf, tweed jacket from Seoul

The thrill of standing on the glass ledge of the Willis Tower (I haven't been here that long and even I prefer to refer to it as the Sears Tower) looking down 103 floors was worth the admission many many many times over.

(As you can see from my outfits, I am the champion of packing light - just allows for shopping space, no?)

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend too!

(Edit: Here is a list of must-eats in Chicago:
  • Deep-dish pizza: Giordano's - so nice we had it twice! 
  • The Publican: meat-heavy. This was our choice for Sunday brunch.
  • The Girl and the Goat: my favourite restaurant of the trip. Make reservations well in advance as Stephanie Izard packs a full house.
  • Green Zebra: vegetarian fine dining. Nothing on the menu was a miss.
  • Cafe Spiaggia: less formal than the dining room but still exquisite with a view of the Mile and John Hancock Tower.
  • The Aviary: PHENOMENAL cocktails. If you only go to to one place in Chicago, this is it. Whilst not the most comfortable since you have to stand, the best tables in the house are right by the mixologists. )


  1. I love every single outfit!!! Hope you had fun in Chicago. :) That last shot is giving me vertigo.

  2. OMG the ledge - that's why I was holding on tight (not that it would have helped had the floor collapsed under me). I took the picture and PROMPTLY stepped off of it!

    Chicago treated me so well and I can't wait to go back :)