Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kate Spade Flash Sale - Sept 27 only!

The only good thing to come out of insomnia is finding out about flash sales before the rest of the country wakes up. 

Click HERE to access the Kate Spade flash sale site - shipping is a flat $5 with all sales final. Don't forget to use ebates for a 3.5% rebate.

With a serious soft-spot for whimsical prints and an even major love for the city I now call home, I couldn't help pull the trigger on the latest version of the Lillith Skirt:

Now all I need to do is get some sleep tonight - happy shopping!


  1. Oh boy - off to take a peek at what's on sale! My coworker just bought a ton of stuff at their last sale and it's all adorable. (I am forwarding this on to her!)

  2. I thought about the skirt for SO LONG before I clicked "purchase" - probably contributed further to the insomnia..

    I am hoping the kids in Sydney will be tickled when I rock up in it to see them in November!

  3. I almost bought the same skirt but I resisted. I love it so much but I just hauled some boots and a dress (neither were kate spade) last weekend after buying a car last month. I need to be cautious in my spending.

    I can't wait to see you wear this skirt! BTW, I had no idea you had a blog but you are now blogrolled and I am thrilled to read.

  4. Honestly Jess I have two BIG long-haul trips in November and should be EXTRA careful of my spending too. I steered clear off Anthro this week to allow for this skirt (and DVF's Sept wrap of the month squeeeeee)!

    Thank you for the blogroll addition - this is still brand new to me and I look forward to posting much more regularly than I have been :)

  5. Now if only the Pride & Prejudice clutch would go on sale!
    It was nice to meet you on Sunday. You are so beautiful in person, inside and out!

  6. I agree about the clutch Kavita - I just hope selfishly that it won't for a little while since my shopping has been off the charts this month.

    And YES YES YES - Sunday was so much fun and it was so lovely to meet you in person!

    You are TOO KIND, THANK YOU! - let me know if you ever need a shopping buddy anytime :)