Friday, May 8, 2015

Watsons Bay Wedding

We've just returned from a quick visit back to Australia, spending our time between our old homes of Sydney and Adelaide. I hadn't been back for nearly 4 years and it was SO GOOD to return.  

One of the main reasons for our trip was to celebrate the wedding of our wonderful friends. The gorgeous bride L, and I first met when we shared offices in the law firm we worked at right after finishing uni, and continued to remain kindred spirits through cross-country moves on both our parts. Nearly a decade later, my heart was overflowing with love as I saw her walk down the aisle to meet her beloved under the fig tree by the picturesque Watsons Bay. Just before hail pelted down on us. 

Arriving early to the Bay, we took the only outfit photos of our entire 10-day trip: 

I reached into my expansive collection of clothes for this outfit. Everything is at least a few years old - the oldest being the pretty Anthropologie Peggy Sue Dress - which Google tells me is from Fall 2011. 

This is why I continue to give Anthro all my money - for beautiful, classic, and best of all timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again. 

I am also wearing the Volary Vines Belt. I still see so many iterations of these sequiny, sparkly belts on the Anthro "Belts" page here. The necklace is also old Anthro - the Natural Wonder Necklace, which together with the glitter clutch (which is from Zara) are accessories that have made plenty of appearances on this blog.

My coat (it was a cool Autumn's evening) is old Zara one with studded sleeves, and the bar ring is from J Crew. I am wearing Christian Louboutin Glitter Simple Pumps, which at the very comfortable height of 85mm, remains my favourite special occasion shoe. My 3-week-old manicure is from Tokyo. The Japanese do nails like no other - I am sad that it is coming off this weekend, but at over 4 weeks old, it really is about time.

I leave with one last picture where if you squint really really hard, you might be able to spot Sydney city in the distance!

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  1. Lovely dress. You're right, it's very classic and timeless. I love your sparkly accessories.