Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Furniture Shopping at Taylor B

So after viewing nearly 20 different apartments in various inner-city neighbourhoods on the island, we've locked in a place that will home! I am very excited to move in next week although now we have to deal with the big task of decorating the place. Made slightly monumental since we chose to move with no furniture apart from our bed. 

We'd heard plenty about Taylor B from friends. Unlike traditional furniture stores, Taylor B is a massive 4-floor warehouse situated right by the Keppel shipping container terminals - allowing pieces to move from ship-to-shop seamlessly. Styles in the shop vary from Victorian to industrial to vintage and pricing is more affordable than otherwise. (Just wait till you see how exorbitant Crate and Barrel is here!)

I took the liberty of taking photos of some of the more interesting things in the store:
Shelves made from 'tin' briefcases - unique but rather clunky when opening and closing the drawers
Fancy mop bucket?
One of many MZD porcelain statues around the place
Coat rack made of water pipes 
Hollywood-Regency-style console - loved this
Bar cart - on my wish list
Oriental cupboard

These black chairs were fascinating. Too big to be kiddie chairs but so short I assume they'd be more useful as (very hard) pouffes? 
Briefcase-style desk. They had a lot these 'repurposed' items in store
Pineapple dining table - this would be such a fun piece without being too kitschy
Another set of shelves in the Hollywood-Regency style. This came in a pair
Furniture shopping makes everyone hungry, no? Taylor B is extremely smart to have a crepe stand on the third floor! (Wearing Anthropologie Ribboned tank and Skinny Sloop belt, J Crew sunburst skirt, Mansur Gavriel bag
Amazing rattan pieces - stools, magazine racks, headboards, rocking chairs...
... and this pretty mint thing we bought immediately!
Though this cannon has got to take the cake for most bizarre item for sale. If only I had the space for it?


  1. Haha this looks like such an adventure! I can't wait to see pics of your new place.

  2. have such a soft spot for natural forms in metal- the 'bamboo' bar cart is dreamy (and not wildly impractical) and the pineapple table is amazing!!

    Your hair looks fab!

  3. The pretty mint thing is gorgeous, that's exactly what I would have bought too! I really like the desk made out of repurposed briefcases, looks a little Restoration Hardeware-esque. I totally want that cannon now. I would make room for it. :)

  4. You crack me up! I love your tips and fresh ideas. This was an awesome post!

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