Thursday, January 23, 2014


We had Martin Luther King day off work so S and I flew out to Los Angeles for the long weekend. 

While I've been to LAX numerous times on SYD-JFK flights, it was my first visit to the palm-tree-and-sunshine-filled City of Angels. We saw plenty in three days and I have lots of photos to share. Throwing chronology out the window, I would like to begin with the most colourful portion of our trip - our visit to the Diane von Furstenberg "Journey of a Dress" exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 

Pink walls greet you as you enter the gallery, with vintage DVF print ads, movie stills and pictures of herself and other luminaries in various iterations of the dress:
Cybil Shepherd in Taxi Driver 

Ingrid Bethancourt at her first interview post-captivity
Amy Adams in American Hustle wearing a dress she spilled wine over (see faint stain on the "belt")
Then off to one-side is a separate gallery which can only be described as a shrine to Our Lady of The Wrap. It was pretty impressive to see the many ways she's been photographed, painted and depicted: 


The main portion of the retrospective is set at the back of the exhibition space, and features an army of mannequins in various colours, styles and designs of the wrap, from classic pieces from the 70s to soon-to-be issued ones to commemorate the dress' 40th anniversary:

This Wonder Woman dress is bananas 

Among hundreds of dresses, I finally spotted one that is also in my closet

Dying over this "Midnight Kiss" print circa 2011-12

This was the exact dress worn by Amy Adams in American Hustle as pictured in the movie still above.. down to the red wine stain that can be seen on the bottom left side if you squint really hard. No one thought to dry clean this anytime? 
 Anyway, I took advantage of the printed walls:
 Clover Canyon top, DL1961 denim, Steve Madden Tippsy glitter sandals, Alexis Bittar earrings, Hermes and Cartier bracelets, Michael Kors watch

While this is an exhibit no DVF fan should miss, the LACMA as a whole is a great museum with fantastic exhibits. I look forward to posting more about our time in LA soon. 


  1. jealous you went to California! I can't wait to see more photos from your trip!

  2. Man that seems so cool! I wish I could go. I love your outfit and that you found a dress exhibited that you own! I bought and returned the one to its right (too short on me) but I eventually tracked down the "giant" version of the same print in a longer style. I still want the Wonder Woman wrap in non-maxi length. So cool!

    1. I am hoping the exhibit comes out East just so I can visit again. HA I would love the Wonder Woman print in ANY style Jess - good luck to us finding it!