Friday, October 11, 2013

What You've Missed!

Hey kids - it's been a while. I don't like staying away from this space very much but life sometimes gets in the way. Some wonderful changes have happened of late and I hope you bear with me as I work out how I fit blogging in there. I do love jotting down snippets of my life here, and when I get to throw in a few outfit photos too, well, my (internet) life feels complete.  

Enough excuses, let me fill you in what I have been up to:  

1. NEW JOB: This is the biggest reason for my radio silence over here. After three years, I made an internal move into an exciting and challenging role that I have a great feeling is more aligned to my interests and career goals. While it's only been 6 weeks and I am working so much harder than I ever have, I couldn't be happier! (My dream job is actually lying on the beach drinking coconut cocktails all day but eh!)

2. WEDDING PLANNING:  Being a Type-A gal, most vendors for the wedding were booked within a few months of our engagement. Our subsequent visit home in June had us lockdown sarees, jewellery and caterers (i.e. the important stuff!). The devil is however in the details, so after resting on my laurels for months, I have been spending the past few weekends trying to get my head around things like music for our first dance (I am out of the loop on mainstream music, let alone Indian tunes, HELP!), guest book ideas (a leather-bound tome just won't do for a contingent 500-strong!), and everything I can think of that will make life easy for our overseas guests flying in! Sometimes, the small things are the most difficult to overcome but we'll get there.. and hopefully before the big day!

3. SHOPPING: All I can say is thank GOD for online commerce. I may not have time for an afternoon coffee run, I always have a few minutes to browse my favourite stores when I am catching a breather between emails. Latest items that have graced my teeny wardrobe is this Nanette Lepore long-sleeved dress and this Zara zipper skirt for work; this maroon topper for fall; and this Three Floor white dress for a night about town.

Wearing this Three Floor dress
4. VEGAS:  I popped my sin-city-cherry a couple of weeks ago on a super-fun girls' trip. That city is insane in the best way possible, where we spent most of our time eating and partying. I have concluded that every DJ worth his/her name is now in Vegas. That weekend we were lucky to dance to Hardwell, Avicii and David Guetta. The music was so good that this hard-core hip hop fan is now a dance-music convert. Alas, we missed Calvin Harris by a day but this song still received airplay everywhere we went. Naturally, it was christened the anthem of the trip. My phone getting nicked put a slight damper to the weekend, but nothing could rain on my parade because...

5. I GOT MARRIED! S and I had to get legally wed before our December Hindu temple shindig so we thought we'd have a bit of fun with it. My dream wedding always involved some element of Vegas and Elvis so this opportunity was too good to pass on. We told no one but our families (I dropped the bombshell on the girlfriends the night before) so I suppose this was a pseudo-elopement too? Regardless, the Monday morning ceremony was full of love, Elvis was wonderful, and it was just SO MUCH FUN! (Ps - if Elvis looks familiar, it might be from minute 1.10 from this song. Pps - I wore this dress since y'all know sequins are always a good idea!)

Alright chickadees, I think that's enough announcements for now. Have a lovely Columbus Day weekend - I promise to write again soon!


  1. Congrats on the new job, GETTING MARRIED and way to go with the big party planning! You've been busy, girl!

  2. Ush, you are NOT an underachiever! A huge congratulations on the fabulous happenings!!

  3. YAY! Congrats on tying the Vegas of all places. You don't know how many of us wish we could have done the same ;) I love how spontaneous and fun you are! I won't ask if you loved Vegas because I think I already know the answer :)

  4. Congrats on the job as well as getting married!!!
    Your trouble with the guestbook reminded me of a "Four Weddings" episode. A bride's mom painted something similar to "Starry Night", and guests were given a variety of paints to dip their thumbs in and then leave their print on the painting!