Monday, June 10, 2013

Brunch at Hundred Acres

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

I am back at my parents' place together with the fiance and my future in-laws to organise all things wedding-related for our nuptials later this year.

Wedding saree shopping yesterday was a success and today we continue trousseau accumulation with a visit to the jewelers. I am trying to instagram when I get the chance - mostly it's been all the good food I've been indulging in. since if there's anything Malaysians like to do best is eat - but I am attempting to diversify! 

If you've been following my posts there, you'd know of the mille crepe cake my brother surprised me with at an intimate dinner my parents hosted on the weekend. Which brought the birthday cake count this year to five! While I think that's way more cake that necessary for a 30-something, I am not shy to say that celebrations usually extend LONG past the actual day in my neck of the woods.

This year, it began on on my birthday eve with a lovely Sunday brunch in the enclosed garden room at Hundred Acres

Gooey cinnamon rolls

Ricotta fritters

Soft scrambled eggs with gruyere

Goat cheese-sage bread pudding with poached eggs
Besides the food tasting as good as it looks, it is one of the few places in NYC that takes bookings for brunch. Also, for someone that abhors the pungent flavour of goat cheese, I cannot get enough of the bread pudding pictured above.


This is what I wore on that warm Sunday:
Club Monaco Adela skirt, Zara tank, Anthropologie necklace (sim), Burberry gladiator sandals, Chloe sunglasses

This easy breezy skirt was an all-star purchase last year and I am almost tempted to get it in this year's iterations. Almost.


  1. I.want.that.skirt.NOW! LOVE it. You have to get another color. Then, when I finally get to the NYC. You could conveniently loan it to me. Subliminal suggestion. HEHE.

  2. Those gooey cinnamon rolls need to get in my belly!