Saturday, February 11, 2012

IFB Conference

On Wednesday, I took the day off Wall Street to volunteer at the Independent Fashion Blogger Conference

A prelude to New York Fashion Week,  IFBCon showcased an amazing array of panelists from the fashion and blogging industry.


Helping out backstage meant I had the luxury of chatting with the panel when they were most at ease. Though as much as I love my fashion people, I am hesitant to consider them celebrities to pose for photos with. Instead, I prefered ones with great friends.
Amanda (L-who works at Coveted Media) and Kate (R - my fellow volunteer-in-crime)
From L - Kate, Taylor and Chrissie

Highlights of the day:
Anthropologie/ Leifsdottir Paseo Ruffled Leather Skirt, Adam sheer-sleeved blouse, Steve Madden Graanie boots, J Crew Sunflower Necklace (photo courtesy of Thea)